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9/29: Grandma Mamie’s Chinese Medicinal

BLACK Chicken Soup

Just as you start feeling the sniffles from seasonal changes, we’re bringing you Grandma Mamie’s Chinese Medicinal BLACK Chicken Soup! It’s based on a secret recipe that’s been in her family for generations. Come learn about the different herbs that go into it along with the cultural stories that bring this dish to life and puts the immigrant grandmother in her much-deserved spotlight. Grandma Mamie will show a few other herbal remedies relevant to the change in weather in autumn. Connecting the food we eat to our natural environment is a key concept of Chinese food.


3:00 – 3:30pm: Chinese tea reception includes tea snacks

3:30 – 4:30: Cooking & Storytelling Session with Grandma Mamie ­includes a tasting of Grannie Mamie’s soup and passing around of ingredients

4:30 – 5pm: Wine reception to close out the event


September 29th @ 3pm

Location: The Bamboo Grove at the Cactus Store: 5 Essex Street, Chinatown, NY

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