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Learn a family recipe and hear the cultural stories that make it even more special

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Whether it’s our Grandma Dinner Parties or our signature Cooking + Storytelling sessions, we always feed your tummy and your soul!

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10/20 & 11/10: Grandma Gerarda’s Italian Gnocchi & Mozzarella
A 2-Part Cooking & Storytelling Series

Because there’s just nothing like Grandma’s home cooking ….

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My Personal Note

Everyone loves their grandmas. And Granny’s cooking is always the best, right?

Our grandmothers are the real stars of the kitchen. They chop up veggies, throw in spices — all without measuring spoons — and share their life stories while feeding us.

It’s these special moments, unwritten recipes, and heroic stories that I want to spotlight on my Cooking with Granny series.

I’m Caroline Shin, a video journalist formerly at New York magazine and Columbia Journalism School. And Cooking with Granny is my baby.

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