3/17: Apollo Theater

Date: March 3, 2019 Category:
3/17: Women of the World Festival at the Apollo Theater

Theme: Bake Bread, Build Bridges

We are more alike than different. For instance, we all have some sort of bread in our culture that we just love munching on, right? Check out our multicultural confab of yummy breads and the wonderful women making them.


3:25-3:55: Part 1

Cooking with Granny Fatima & Her Somali Sabaayad (Flatbread): This is our signature cooking + storytelling session presenting Somali Grandma Fatima’s sabaayad recipe and the story of home chefs, the United Nations and escaping the war in Somalia.

3:55-4:25: Part 2

How do we translate culture to community via food? In this panel discussion, we’re showcasing the breads and immigrant and entrepreneurial stories of 3 female restaurateurs in Harlem: Anita Trehan (Indian, Chaiwali), Maymuuna Birjeeb (Somali, Safari), and Beejhy Barhany (Ethiopian, Tsion Cafe).

Guests enjoy tastings of Somali, Ethiopian, and Indian breads. Expect the unexpected…


Time & Date: Sunday, March 17th @ 3:25pm – 4:25pm

Tickets: Free

Location: Apollo Theater: 253 W 125th St, Harlem, NY

*One RSVP grants access to the full schedule of Sunday’s WOW Festival events including conversations, workshops, and panels. This is one of our select free events of the year so enjoy!

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Catch A Glimpse Behind The Scenes

At a recent walk-through of Apollo’s grounds for a pre-production meeting to discuss logistics, technical needs, etc.

With Bintu Conteh, Apollo Theater’s programming associate and WOW Festival coordinator

“My favorite meals often aren’t at restaurants. They’re usually home-cooked meals made by someone who shares their love and passion for cooking. Such was the case at my super fun Cooking w/ Granny [event] 😋… Meeting new people that share a common love for food made the night even more memorable! … Highly recommended!” – @StuffBenEats

“[Cooking with Granny] has this soft but powerful way of sharing stories of immigration, women and diversity.” – Yin

“Thank you for putting this together. We need something like this right now.” – Kristen